“What exactly you need to move your Freight Worldwide”

Orb Logistics is equipped with profoundly prepared faculty to deal with your air freight with care. We are Import/Export Company for past 20 years, we have solid associations with major airlines, amazing shipping platform and in-house operations permit you to have confidence that your air freight shipment is in good hands with Orb Logistics.
We take great pride in ourselves, as we are offering you the most reliable and financially savvy Air Freight services to assist you with turning into a worldwide rival in your industry. Whether you need to ship your cargo to Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East, Australia, North and South America. We will tailor a solution to meet your supply chain needs.
Benefits we offer to our clients that differ us from the rest of the logistics and freight companies, are:

• We carefully track your shipments and provide you updates from time to time or whenever you need them.
• Our company provides full insurance coverage, shortage and damage claim services.
• We have a great experience in handling the over-sized project cargo and fragile objects.
• Knowledge and training to handle perishable cargo such as live plants, live ornamental fish, tuna, live chicks and time-critical goods successfully.
• We offer many packages depending on your budget and how fast you want your delivery to be, so you can pick air freight services that fit your budget.
• Complete freight management and reporting services
• We handle import/ export, Air to Air Transshipment cargo, Sea Air Operations to and from anywhere in the world


Benefits that Orb Logistics offers to its clients that differ us from the rest of the logistics and Sea freight companies are:

• We sail weekly, so you can be sure that your goods will move when they are supposed to and not sit in a warehouse waiting for the container to be full.
• Secure storage if you need it.
• We’ll update you with your cargo location after every few hours or whenever you want.
• We have a great experience in handling the over-sized project cargo and fragile objects.
• Knowledge and training to handle dangerous, valuable, and time-critical goods successfully.


As we are Import/Export Company, Logistics is a significant section of our import and export trading. It doesn’t matter how big or small the projects are, and what you want to send to another country if you want to send garments then we have dedicated Hanging Garment containers either Airline units or man made units . Whether your shipment requires holders, special packaging, marking or re-marking, we are here to help. We are not only limited to clothing, we also ship health and beauty products, personal cargo, computers, electronics, and much more. We can ship anything you want, any day you want, and we’ll do the job perfectly.

Our highly trained professionals can quickly pack and ship any product for you, through all significant transportation carriers. We additionally empower you to effectively incorporate coupon-inserts or stickers in the box you’re shipping.

Orb Logistics can easily manage a wide variety of items, some of the benefits you get from our company are:

• Highly experienced and licensed staff
• Repackaging
• Affordable shipping costs
• High-Volume EDI
• Ship truckload, LTL, or parcel
• Routing guide expertise
• Regular updates on your shipment
• Full data export

Customs Brokerage

Proficient Customs Brokerage Expertise
We have about 20 years of experience with Customs Brokerage, our licensed experts have the skills to rapidly move your goods anywhere in the world, in compliance with the customs and import regulations. Alongside appropriate assurance of tariff classification and value for duty, we always make sure that our clients get maximum profit from free trade agreements and all other pertinent duty decrease programs while maintaining compliance 24/7.
We have a team of highly trained and licensed professionals that are trained and devoted to navigating the complex customs process. With our comprehension of the documentation and permitting requirements, legal and security concerns, local protocols, and our use of modern information and technology, Orb Logistics will get your shipment through customs without any unnecessary hassle and additional costs involved.

Benefits that Orb Logistics offers to its clients that differ us from the rest of the logistics and freight forwarding companies are:

• Complete package clearance within the shortest time period for clearance of general cargo.
• Duty Management.
• Guaranteed cargo clearance within the grace period of arrival on both Sea and Air Shipments for direct consignees (devoid of any demurrages).
• Document preparation and regulatory compliance and reporting.
• Advice on tariffs and classification.

With Orb Logistics, you can be certain that the procedure is quick, productive and straightforward. Orb Logistics will deliver the Right Product to the Right Customer with the Right Quality and Right Condition to the Right Place at the Right Time!

Be Globally Connected

As our slogan say “Be Globally Connected”, in these times of Social Distancing, we want to help people be globally connected by our services. It's at times like this that Orb Logistics sets itself apart.
We are Import/Export Company with 20 years of experience, we want to provide modern, quick and top-quality solutions to our clients so that they can be ahead from their competitors and be the best in what they do.

Safety and Security

For Orb Logistics, safety and security measures in logistics are very important for the smooth supply chain management. Workplace safety, transport safety, data and information security, everything is included.

Our employees are very well familiar with the local conditions; we always keep surveillance on security risks, because you never know anything could happen at any second. We plan transport routes and monitor the necessary safety and security measures, we constantly change our routes so that we don’t catch the eye of thieves, all for safety and security in logistics.
Orb Logistics have high-security information centres, as the interface between information exchange and the actual, genuine transportation requires smooth and secure IT processes. We also take great protective measures when we cross borders because the risks are higher when we enter any country, that’s why we offer cross-border tracking and tracing so you’ll remain updated and know at all times the whereabouts of your goods.

We know very well that the warehouse can be a place of increased security risks, especially when storing consumer items. This is the reason why our warehouse is one of the safest warehouse you can find, we have security cameras operating 24/7, highly experienced and well-equipped security team is always on the survey. Our IT system contains all the information about our client's products, this is the reason why we never lost any product. We also have a team for the supervision t to maintain the integrity of the brands being shipped.

Our Solutions

Tackling safety, environmental regulations & transportation of dangerous goods.

We specialise in covered car transport, enclosed car transport and international car transport.

We offer you a dependable and fast delivery of smaller shipments door to door.

Our Expertise


Our Sales Consultant will be available to advise and guide you throughout the move process. Our coordinators are focused on ensuring that every move runs smoothly, from departure to arrival.

They analyse the needs of the client from the very first contact. In particular, during the technical visit their expertise is used to assess the weight and volume of the consignment, as well as consider other factors which may affect the move, such as loading restrictions, access to the property, or tight corners.

They ensure that best practice is applied throughout the move process to achieve complete customer satisfaction.


We use skilled packers and movers using quality packing material to protect your belongings.

Owing to its reputation as a quality removals company and to the volume of its traffic, the Orb logistics is in a position to permanently employ a large number of packers. We have also been able to develop new materials to contain and protect your items as customer needs change. Custom-made containers can also be made for special items. See Packing for more information.