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Orb Logistics Private Limited has experience over 20 years in the Logistics and Transportation Industry. We intend to provide a broad variety and choice of freight forwarding/logistics services all over the world.

Orb Logistics Private Limited only hire the best, most competent and dedicated logistics management experts, who have enabled the company to achieve remarkable progress and growth within a short period.

Our core values:

Innovative – Open and creative to customer and employee solutions.

Transparent Communication and Collaboration. We communicate openly.

Don’t fix what isn’t broken, unless it provides a road map to increased productivity.

Shared Goal & Initiative Alignment.We accomplish our goals more efficiently.

Our proactive approach to invoice consolidation and freight analysis reports.

We carry your trust.

With a global network and advanced logistics solutions, our air freight services provide.

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As one of the world’s leading supply chain management companies.


What makes us different?

What make us different?

Sustainable regional carrier

From a prosperous provincial
carrier into a major
international competitor.

Increased shipment integrity

A product integrity tracking shipping label includes a label body for attaching.

Transparent package tracking and tracing

Tracking and tracing solutions ensure greater transparency in the transport cycle.


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